2010 Year End Lists: Stuart McLamb, The Love Language

2010 Year End Lists: Stuart McLamb, The Love Language FOR LOKOLS or...STREET HITZ: vol.FOR LOKOLS or...STREET HITZ: vol. 2

Like last year, I made a mix tape of my favorite music from my home state, North Carolina. This year I focused exclusively on music coming out of NC's triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill). This hardly showcases the breadth of talent this particular scene has to offer but only so many songs could fit on a 45 minute mix. With every tour and venture out of town, I am consistently reminded of how great it is to call this place home. The songs are available for free download (with the artist/label's consent of course). Enjoy!

Note: Beach Body is our bass player Justin Rodermond's project and he had that song title long before another certain Merge band released theirs! :)

Click to download For Lokols.
01. The Dirty Little Heaters - City Square  (Churchkey)
02. Gross Ghost - Leslie  (Grip Tapes)
03. Last Year's Men - I'll Be Gone  (Churchkey)
04. Penname - U R U N I M E  (Self Released)
05. Veelee - Blood's Sake  (Grip Tapes)
06. The Moaners - Ramblin'  (Holidays for Quince)
07. Old Bricks - Splinter  (Grip Tapes)
08. Naps - Beast in the Jungle  (Digg Up Tapes)
09. Cassis Orange - Listen Heartbeat  (Grip Tapes)
10. Beach Body - Month of May  (Song Donkey)
11. Spiderbags - Take It Easy Tonite  (Churchkey)
12. Towers - Big Sky  (Self Released)
13. Shit Horse - Get Out of My Face  (Odessa)
14. Jeremy Walton - Eden  (Self Released)
15. Wild Wild Geese - Stuck Inside  (Odessa)