2011 Year End Lists: Christina Rentz, Merge publicist

2011 Year End Lists: Christina Rentz, Merge publicist

Sam - My son Sam was born in July & he is very cool already! Superchunk was his first rock show at the Hopscotch Festival on my birthday.

The return of Crooked Fingers to Merge! - I could not be more thrilled to say "Welcome home" to one of my favorite bands!

WTF Podcast - interviews with comedians that are always surprising and endlessly entertaining. Louis CK & Judd Apatow are essential listens.

Going to the Grammys - Who knew Arcade Fire would win "Album of the Year?!" No one except for Jamie (our head of retail), but we sure had a great time representing Merge!

Fucked Up's David Comes to Life - I listened to this album almost on repeat for months.

Friday Night Lights & The New Adventures of Old Christine - Two shows that made those feedings every 2 hours bearable!

Generationals - I love the new Generationals live band and the new record, Actor-Caster! One of my favorite bands.

Destroyer's Kaputt video & live show - Destroyer's first video ever did not disappoint - from the moment that weird looking kid wiped his nose, I was blown away! And when the guy pulled out his flute at the Destroyer show at the Cradle, I thought for sure someone in the audience was going home pregnant!

Spite & Malice app on my iphone - Can't. Stop. Playing. Best card game ever.

Nutter Butters & vanilla ice cream - World's Best Dessert.