2011 Year End Lists: Missy Thangs, the Love Language

2011 Year End Lists: Missy Thangs, the Love Language

“Ten Tour Highlights 2011” by Missy Thangs of The Love Language 

“Ten Tour Highlights 2011” by Missy Thangs of The Love Language

1. Coachella VIP Coachella VIP Coachella VIP

2. Playing a show with Arcade Fire in Sante Fe, NM!! Meeting the band! Fan moment.  Still one of the best live bands out there.

3. Homecoming show with Telekinesis! at Local 506: Stu slams guitar on amp, ending the “red guitar” era… nasty words, selfless dancing, crowd surfing, barfing, three encores. There’s no place like home.

4. Disney World. Yes, a whole epic day in Disneyland eating turkey legs, riding kids’ rides, stuff like that... definitely dropped tears on the “It’s A Small World Ride.”  We skipped sound check that night to see the fireworks and listen to Jiminy Cricket tell us our dreams were coming true.  More tears.

5. Better than a house show party was Delilah’s on Cayuga in Ithaca, NY.  We played with rockers Tropical Punk and The Music Band.  This is where kids drink straight gin out of bottles and nurse you with ‘em while you’re playing.

6. Stage diving and crowd surfing to “Brittney’s Back” at the Soapbox Laundr-o-Lounge in Wilmington, NC. Om mani padme om.  We were such a sweaty mess after the show, everyone threw their clothes in the lounge dryers and hung out in our underwear.

7. Band fight, missed sound check over stopping at Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn.  After all the tension, we still went.  Worth it.

8. Two days of straight up fried chicken for every meal. Think regular stops at random fried chicken joints as you're crossing the heartland. The best hands down was Bolton’s spicy fried chicken in Memphis, TN.

9. Spotting Mme Plaster Caster at our show with Telekinesis! at Schuba’s in Chicago, IL! As far as I know, no plasters were made…

10. Still to this day wonder who farted during our show at the Noise Pop Festival Café Du Nord in San Francisco.  Yes, it was that distracting.