2012 Year-End Lists: Devin DiMattia, Merge Digital Intern

2012 Year-End Lists: Devin DiMattia, Merge Digital Intern

Devin DiMattia's Top 10 Music Videos of 2012
Ten more nuggets of awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. An eclectic mix of heartfelt narrative, absurdist comedy, psychedelic animation, throwback '80s sci-fi, cardboard hip-hop, and Jon Hamm with a mustache! 

Plus a bonus video from remix master POGO. Watch the whole playlist here or check out each vid individually:

Lushlife, "Magnolia" (dir. Lamar + Nik)

Aimee Mann, "Labrador" (dir. Tom Scharpling)
I still laugh every time Wurster says "Stanley Klubrick."

Starcadian, "HE^RT" (dir. Starcadian & Rob O'Neill)

Tame Impala, "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" (dir. Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan)

Lambchop, "Gone Tomorrow" (dir. Zach Spiger)
It was hard to pick just one of the amazing Merge vids this year, but this one is endlessly rewatchable.

YUKSEK, "Off the Wall" (dir. Romain Segaud)

The Shins, "Simple Song" (dir. DANIELS)

Beach House, "Lazuli" (dir. Allen Cordell)

EIMIC, "Brittle Crystal" (dir. Iiya Kolesnikov)

Pegasvs, "Brillar" (dir. CANADA) (NSFW)

Bonus Video: POGO, "Wizard of Meh." (dir. Nick Bertke)
The song is made up entirely of vocal and music samples from The Wizard of Oz.

And a Bonus Spotify playlist!

In putting together a playlist of my favorite songs of the year, I tried to make sure each song flowed seamlessly into the next, with decidedly mixed results (as you can see, all the hip-hop kinda got lumped together). Still, there were a few surprises. I was amazed at how well that Beach Boys song transitioned into Lambchop. I hope you enjoy my little mix, and I hope you will forgive me for including a Keane song. What can I say? I love me some mopey Brit-rock.