2012 Year-End Lists: Roddy Bottum, Imperial Teen

2012 Year-End Lists: Roddy Bottum, Imperial Teen

My last year's top ten tweets i felt went overlooked:

@roddybottum: what is up with straight couples, their children and the word 'buddy?'

@roddybottum: I just met a poodle named Cabernet.

@roddybottum: I used to know a big standard poodle in LA in the 80's named Showbiz.

@roddybottum: Fred, The Show, featuring my musical score, premieres on Nick tonight at 8. it's sort of a companion piece to Downton Abbey.

@roddybottum: so when Neil Young speaks he has a Canadian accent?

@roddybottum: the only bummer about Berkeley is those kids that go to the college.

@roddybottum: the one about the leaf legged kid from the garden looks revolting.

@roddybottum: I wonder if Fred from B52's and Einar from Sugarcubes were ever in the same room. maybe a wink was exchanged.

@roddybottum: Lilith is Kembra.

@roddybottum: Note to older self: turtlenecks.