2013 Year End Lists: David Smith, Merge intern

2013 Year End Lists: David Smith, Merge intern

David's Top 10 Records of 2k13

The Pastels - Slow Summits
Grouper - The Man Who Died In His Boat
My Bloody Valentine - MBV
Minks - Tides End
Marnie Stern - The Chronicles of Marnia
Pity Sex - Feast Of Love
The Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas (Reissue)
Saint Pepsi - Hit Vibes
Boards of Canada - Tommorow's Harvest
So So Glos - Blowout

Top 5 Louis Theroux BBC Documentaries I Watched This Year

The Most Hated Family In America
America's Most Dangerous Pets
Miami Mega Jail
Law and Disorder in Philadelphia
Louis and the Brothel

Staff Pick from the Merge Catalog:

Destroyer - Kaputt: I still listen to this record on a consistent basis -- the gorgeous production and Dan Bejar's charming, inscrutable lyrics make this a fun one to revisit. Plus that sax solo on "Suicide Demo For Kara Walker"? The best.