2013 Year End Lists: Michael Benjamin Lerner, Telekinesis

2013 Year End Lists: Michael Benjamin Lerner, Telekinesis

William Onyeabor /// Who Is William Onyeabor? /// Luaka Bop Records
Crazy African 70’s jams. Apparently, this dude doesn’t want to speak about his music career, so not much is really known about him. But the songs really speak for themselves. It sounds like he just bought some new synthesizers and studio goodies, and just went for it with some other hot session players. This record is really inspiring.

Paul McCartney /// New /// Hear Music
After his last two bummer releases (Memory Almost Full, Kisses On the Bottom) Macca strikes back with this absolutely stellar album. It’s hard to believe that he is over 70, and making music that sounds this fresh and exciting. ‘Save Us’ could be a long lost Wings song. ‘Queenie Eye’ could be off of Magical Mystery Tour. It’s just a super stellar batch of songs. Lyrically, it’s not breaking any ground, but he’s 71 years old!!! I think this is an absolutely wonderful record, to add to an absolutely staggering discography, by one absolutely incredible man.

Clay Cole /// 55 Greetings /// Sleepy Volcano
Rebecca, who you may know from The Minders, Wild Flag also plays keyboards and percusses and sings in Telekinesis when we play live. Well, she put out this absolutely brilliant cassette tape solo record, completely under the radar. These songs are just so so so good. It’s all spacey themed, and the playing and production is totally top notch. I feel proud to know her as a friend, and to have her in my band. But don’t take my word for it, you should truly check it out for yourselves.

Ian Rubbish & The Bizarros /// S/T /// Self Released
I have been lucky enough to be a bizarro live, so I’m slightly biased, but boy do I love these songs. They stay stuck in my head for days and days, and are clever, funny, and just incredible punk songs written by one of the most talented people I know, Fred Armisen. Yes, these songs are supposed to be funny, but my goodness, are they well written gems of songs. I’ve listened to them quite a bit this year.

Drake /// Hold On We’re Going Home (Song)
I just heard this on the radio the other day for the first time while listening to the top 40 station here in Seattle. I didn’t know what it was, but immediately thought it was the best song ever written. I found out it was Drake, and I have listened to this song more than anything else this year. This is the best song of 2013, by a super long shot. It’s just pure magic. There’s something going on in this song that’s not even tangible. The lyrics, the music, it’s the whole thing. Nothing else touches this, in my humble opinion.

Vampire Weekend /// Modern Vampires Of The City /// XL Records
This came out of left field for me. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Vampire Weekend records, but when this came out, and I saw virtually every music outlet give it the highest praise I’ve seen in some time, I rushed out to buy it. I listened to this record more than any other this year, I’d say. It’s dense, impeccably produced, but more importantly, the songs are perfect. It sounds like a band taking a risk, and not giving a fuck at the same time. Hannah Hunt is my jam on this record.

Savages /// Silence Yourself /// Matador Records
Speaking from experience, it’s difficult to capture the emotion of a truly great live band on record. Whoever recorded Savages nailed it. The tension is so heavy on this record. I love it.

OMD /// English Electric /// Relativity Records
This got overlooked big time, but man, this is a great record. It’s got everything you want in an OMD record, and it sounds new, and old at the same time. Being a pretty gigantic fan of this band, I was super happy that this record did not disappoint!!!

Telekinesis' fantastic 2013 release Dormarion along with the rest of the Telekinesis catalog is available now in the Merge Holiday store.

Telekinesis on tour:
Jan 9 Seattle, WA — Neumos
Jan 10 Leavenworth, WA — Timbrrr Festival