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New Broken West Song!

A while back The Broken West covered Tegan & Sara's "Back In Your Head" -- last weekend, they all got together at Sled Island! Check The Broken West on Myspace for that track. Your first taste of Now or Heaven is right HERE! Click to listen to Perfect Games. Now or Heaven is out September 9!   More >

Ladybug Transistor Sugarhill Session

Want to learn something about the Ladybug Transistor? Want to hear some great Ladybug tunes? Who doesn't! Sugarhill (shout out to Houston!) did a studio session and interview with our favorite Brooklyn baritone and his merry band of .   More >

Spoon Daytrotter Session

Spoon visited the Daytrotter studios and recorded a few tracks, including a Paul Simon cover of "Peace Like a River"! The band still have a few more tour dates, so check them out!   More >

Ladybug Alert!

The nyctaper has just posted a recording of this past Saturday's Ladybug Transistor NYC Popfest performance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Everyone would do well with a little more Ladybug in their lives. wilson   More >

She & Him on World Cafe

from World Cafe - June 11, 2008 Produced by the legendary Steve Lillywhite, She & Him inaugurates World Cafe's new Lillywhite Sessions series from Avatar Studios in New York City.   More >

Hot Pants

It's a bajillion degrees here in NC and you know what that means - the unveiling-of-pasty-legs season! John (web guy, pictured above) is modeling the latest in these-are-my-girlfriend's-mom's shorts and I think the no-socks ties it all together. -spott   More >

Diagramming Destroyer's Rubies

Graphic designer and Merge fan Jez Burrows created these handsome screenprinted posters dissecting Destroyer's Rubies as an exercise in exploring the word banausic. "I transcribed the entire album and produced an exhaustive collection of diagrams and analysis, including: every word contained in the album in order of how many times it appears; references; grammatical structure; and the overall distribution of lyrics and 'la's." This is not the first time we've seen Destroyer's lyrics have this effect on someone...they almost seem to demand deconstruction.   More >

Paper Magazine loves Wye Oak!

photo by Dan Monick for Paper Magazine Paper Magazine invited Wye Oak to NYC for a photo shoot celebrating their favorite duos, and also ran a feature about the Baltimore music scene on their website. Wye Oak "The number-one reaction to all attention that Baltimore has been getting is we just kind of shrug and laugh," Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak says.   More >


One of our favorite people and essential Merge cheerleader, Jennifer Daunt of Dauntless Promotion representing at the Non-commercial Radio convention in Philly   More >

Jim Putnam visits LiveDaily

Jim Putnam recently visited the LiveDaily studios to record a few acoustic versions of songs from Auditorium for the cameras.   More >

Go Cardinals!

Some cardinals (NC state bird!) made a nest in a bush right beside my porch and there are now 3 or 4 lil cardinals eating as much partially-digested worms as they can.   More >

Scots In Sweden

The lovely Camera Obscuras have been posting daily recording updates from Stockholm on their blog, with plenty of typed thought regarding the new album, Dr.   More >

A Trickle from the Vault

A couple songs for you, in what we hope to be a regular Merge Blog series of rare/live mp3s:Destroyer & The Treacherous Fops - The Music Lovers (mp3): Live @ Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC, July 31, 2004 at the Merge 15th Anniversary Festival.   More >

Caribou Tour Diary: Goodbye, North America

photo by Dave Evans Check out more great photos and a show review at My Old Kentucky Blog so today (may 4th) would've been my last day with caribou but unfortunately Brad Weber is still out of commission.   More >

Destroyer Nerd Love!

An extremely long treatise on two Destroyer records by two of our most favorite Destroyer super-fans: Matt Lemay and David Malitz. Get your copies of all Destroyer's releases here and start your own arguments here.   More >

The Rosebuds visit My Old Kentucky Blog

photo by Dave Evans via My Old Kentucky Blog The Rosebuds are on tour with British Sea Power and stopped to play an in-studio session for My Old Kentucky Blog's Sirius Satellite radio show.   More >

Wye Oak on Who's Next?

Wye Oak visited Yahoo at the Gibson Showroom in Austin TX during SXSW this year! Here's their exclusive performance of "Regret" from If Children: and interview:   More >

Carl and Ted Wear Shorts!

Shout Out Louds played an acoustic version of "Tonight I Have to Leave It" at the Spin Pool Party at Coachella.   More >

NYCTaper posts Big Dipper Audio!

image from nyctaper via flickr The NYCTaper recorded and posted the entire Big Dipper show at Southpaw last weekend! It's 100% free (though he nicely asks you support the bands, and we agree) and available in mp3 and, if you ask nicely, FLAC.   More >