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Welcome to world, Cypress Giacomo Williams!

Senon, beloved bass player for the Radar Bros., and his lovely wife Beth Ann welcomed their son, Cypress Giacomo Williams into the world on Friday, November 24th! We can't wait to meet him!   More >


Happy Holidays, merge-fans! We've got lots of great holiday shopping deals in the Merge Store for you, and special Charity Auctions happening here! Enjoy the values that Wilson, Jamie and Paul have cooked up for you, and please help us spread the word about our charity auctions.   More >

Ride the White Whale wave

Atrios is on board. Now, you may say "blogging about other blogs blogging about you is lame", but Atrios is one of our favorites (and sometimes vaguely reminds me of my game theory professor at UNC), so a feedback loop it is. -wilson   More >

Breaking News . . .

The Bad News: Unfortunately, due to injury, Robert "Uncle Bob" Pollard has had to cancel tonight's show in Baltimore, and the rest of his fall tour. The Good News: Mac + full band Portastatic will carry on with the show at Sonar as scheduled.   More >

Fookin' Hell, Man!

Recently, we came across an interview in Exclaim Magazine with Oasis' Noel Gallagher where he recounts his first encounter with M.   More >

Lambchop Photo Contest Results

Congrats to Nathan from Scottsdale, AZ for his entry in the Lambchop "Damaged" Photo Contest - he wins a loaded Lambchop iPod! We were all excited to receive his photo! That is one seriously damaged boat..   More >


Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill" will be featured on tonight's episode of the hit ABC series Grey's Anatomy (Thursday - 10/12/06 - at 9PM EST)! Set your DVR/VCR/Tivo STAT! The first two minutes of Grey's Anatomy , arguably the most attractively populated hour in television, will be scored by the dulcet tones of Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill" (from their wonderful Merge CD Let's Get Out Of This Country).   More >

The Onion AV Blog

Blogging about blogging is sooo post-modern, but I must say that the Onion AV Blog is one of my favorite must-reads.   More >

Chunklet Turns 13; Hilarity ensues

The angry yet adorable Chunklet Magazine crew are planning a riotous party to celebrate 13 yrs of existence in Athens/Atlanta October 26 - October 29! Tenement Halls will play Friday, October 27th @ The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta.   More >

RICHARD BUCKNER TOUR DIARY ("Incoherencies") - Entry #6

9/19 – Boston, MA Got up early to get my broken window replaced in Albany before leaving for Boston and an incoming storm. And Boston...Take a map, rip it up, throw it into the air: where it lands is the street layout of a town that overturns cars whether or not their team wins or loses.   More >

Roddy Bottum scores with Ted Danson

If you are looking for something amusing to watch on the boob tube this evening, tune into ABC at 9:30pm for the series premiere of Help Me Help You.   More >

Lambchop Lovin'

Lambchop is on tour, and as Martin pointed out in his blog post, it's just not to be missed! I gathered up some of the great press and radio happening around this tour.   More >


There's a great Camera Obscura feature up on Pitchfork today. Tracyanne Campbell chats with Brian Howe about touring in the U.S.   More >