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Roddy Bottum scores with Ted Danson

If you are looking for something amusing to watch on the boob tube this evening, tune into ABC at 9:30pm for the series premiere of Help Me Help You.   More >

Lambchop Lovin'

Lambchop is on tour, and as Martin pointed out in his blog post, it's just not to be missed! I gathered up some of the great press and radio happening around this tour.   More >


There's a great Camera Obscura feature up on Pitchfork today. Tracyanne Campbell chats with Brian Howe about touring in the U.S.   More >

More Buckner

Casey Burns did this poster for the Buckner/Bachmann show at Local 506 on Friday night.   More >


Thank you Touch and Go Records for a spectacular weekend! I had the great good fortune to travel to Chicago last weekend (September 8-10) and catch almost all of the Touch and Go Records 25th Anniversary celebration, hosted by The Hideout (at their Tenth anniversary block party) in a huge parking lot usually occupied by the City of Chicago's Garbage Trucks.   More >

SUPERCHUNK to Rock The Daily Show's 10 Yr Anniversary

That's right, you heard it here third (or fourth, or fifth) - the cat definitely escaped from the bag quite easily...bags are not what they used to be. But finally, straight from the source - IT'S OFFICIAL!!! - Superchunk will be rockin' NYC on November 16th for the Daily Show's 10th Anniversary concert at Irving Plaza.   More >

Flowers from The Brokedown

Hi Merge Folks! Enclosed are some special flowers that Ross' girlfriend's Uncle Stefan grows on a mountainside in Maui.   More >


Robert Pollard's new CD, Normal Happiness, is now streaming from the Merge homepage. Woo hoo! Release date is 10/10/06. Pre-order here. -martin   More >

Preorder Madness!

October 10th releases! Portastatic - Be Still Please Portastatic Bundle - Be Still Please w/ Who Loves the Sun The first 50 people who pre-order Be Still Please from will receive an 11 song CD of Be Still Please demos and outtakes autographed by Mac McCaughan! The first 25 pre-orders will ALSO receive a set of four Portastatic Be Still Please beer coasters! ALL pre-orders will include a Be Still Please poster! Also, check out the Portastatic online-only Sour Shores EP (more on the Portastatic Blog)! A fantastic way to bide your time until Be Still Please arrives... Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness Pollard Bundle - Normal Happiness w/ From a Compound Eye (CD & LP bundles!) Orders for Normal Happiness will include at absolutely NO ADDITIONAL COST (while supplies last): MOON - ROBERT POLLARD LIVE -A 15 track disc featuring Robert Pollard and the Ascended Masters (Tommy Keene, Jon Wurster, Jason Narducy & Dave Philips) live at the U.S.   More >


Superchunk and Tenement Halls played a show last Friday night at The Cat's Cradle to celebrate Orange County Social Club's 5 yr anniversary.   More >

All Hail The Broken West!!

It's always exciting welcoming a new member into the Merge family, and we are down right giddy about our latest signees The Broken West.   More >

Help Dinosaur Jr!

(Lou & Hannelore Barlow at Dino Jr BBQ last summer) After playing a show at Warsaw in Brooklyn last nite, Dinosaur Jr had their trailer broken into...J's Amma guitar, Mountain Man guitar, Lou's Rickenbacker, cymbals, pedals...everything gone. Any info at all you can provide would be greatly appreciated- !No Shows will be cancelled! 1959 Fender Jazzmaster SN# 38927. -decal coming off.   More >

Blogger Radio!

Dave of BrooklynVegan has been given the very awesome opportunity to blog via satellite radio! You can listen to "Blog Radio" on Sirius channel Left of Center on Tuesday nights, 10pm EST. Last week Dave's show consisted of all Merge artists! Not only that - he played songs that are all available on our website. Check the "all Merge all the time" playlist (and links to free mp3s) HERE! -Lindsey K.   More >

Lunchtime Visitors!

(clockwise from left) Bob Wiseman, Owen Pallett, Mac, Patrick, Martin & Lindsey Merge. Our good buddy, Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy and member of Arcade Fire, stopped by with his crew for a lunch at Durham's fine establishment - Jo & Joe's.   More >