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All Hail The Broken West!!

It's always exciting welcoming a new member into the Merge family, and we are down right giddy about our latest signees The Broken West.   More >

Help Dinosaur Jr!

(Lou & Hannelore Barlow at Dino Jr BBQ last summer) After playing a show at Warsaw in Brooklyn last nite, Dinosaur Jr had their trailer broken into...J's Amma guitar, Mountain Man guitar, Lou's Rickenbacker, cymbals, pedals...everything gone. Any info at all you can provide would be greatly appreciated- !No Shows will be cancelled! 1959 Fender Jazzmaster SN# 38927. -decal coming off.   More >

Blogger Radio!

Dave of BrooklynVegan has been given the very awesome opportunity to blog via satellite radio! You can listen to "Blog Radio" on Sirius channel Left of Center on Tuesday nights, 10pm EST. Last week Dave's show consisted of all Merge artists! Not only that - he played songs that are all available on our website. Check the "all Merge all the time" playlist (and links to free mp3s) HERE! -Lindsey K.   More >

Lunchtime Visitors!

(clockwise from left) Bob Wiseman, Owen Pallett, Mac, Patrick, Martin & Lindsey Merge. Our good buddy, Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy and member of Arcade Fire, stopped by with his crew for a lunch at Durham's fine establishment - Jo & Joe's.   More >

"Damaged" Reviews

Lots of great reviews coming out about the Lambchop record that was released yesterday! Don't forget to enter the Damaged photo contest, too! And about the tour dates! Cokemachineglow Tiny Mix Tapes Drowned in Sound Music OMH Play Louder Faster Louder Metacritic Sunday Observer/Music Monthly Entertainment Wise The Guardian The Onion AV Club eMusic All Music Guide There's also a great interview/feature in last week's Nashville Scene.   More >

My New Tattoo

When people look at me, they cannot believe that I have tattoos.   More >

Intern Corner

(photo of Sonia on our "intern wall") (Beebo is the handsome young devil in green with Spott and Jack from Merge at Lindsey's house-warming party ~Christina) Over the past 2.5 years I've spent as an intern at Merge, I've not only learned how to burn massive amounts of cds using a machine that i have more ill will towards than any human (I have since nicknamed said machine HAL), but I've also met at least two dozen other interns who have somehow enriched my life, and have taught me things you just don't learn in school.   More >

Summer TV

Lindsey and I have spent the bulk of the summer moaning over the lack of good television.   More >

I Saw The Real White Whale!

I have just returned from an extended vacation - my longest ever since grade school, really - and it's great to be back among the Mergistas.   More >

All Hail Queen Lindsey!

Just returned from the Team Clermont Prom weekend! White Whale slayed the Athens masses! Our Kickball tournament was a huge success - despite the mighty K's losing by one point to the cheater W's.   More >

The Soundtrack to Your Life?

So, last week some clown(s) broke into my house and stole, amongst other things, my DVD player and my digital cable box.   More >

The Prom!

This weekend is the 9th Annual Team Clermont Pabst Blue Ribbon Ball in Athens, GA aka Merge Radio Dept's fave event of the year! This year is even more special, because White Whale will be bringing the party to Athens on Friday night at the 40 Watt! The "prom theme" is country western, and we promise to post photos of our fantastic square dancing dresses! Click HERE for further info, and please come if you are within driving distance!   More >

American Music Club rocks The Gap!

Our favorite AAA radio promoter, Jennifer Daunt , sent us the following review of last night's American Music Club show at the Gap in the Marina district of San Francisco. How we wish we had been there! "AMC at the was so bizarre, I couldn't help laughing the minute I walked in, all the gap moms and kids watching and the blaringly sober retail displays and lights on the newest denim line.   More >

Fab Bar + Great Bands = PARTY

September marks the 5 yr anniversary of one of our favorite establishments: Orange County Social Club! Trish, Mistress of the bar, Merge Alumna, and Hostess extraordinaire, has a bevy of events planned to mark this momentous occasion.   More >


The World Cafe will be broadcasting their session with The Essex Green on Thursday, July 27th 2006. (That's TODAY!!) The World Cafe with David Dye can be heard on more than 180 radio stations nationwide.   More >

Thank you, Kansas!

Tomorrow is White Whale Day! Finally, you will be able to go to your local record store and celebrate this most important of new holidays! The State of Kansas has recognized the members of White Whale on their achievement, and we made an ECARD in honor of this momentous occasion. What will you do to celebrate? Listen to WWI, and let us know how you took the whale for a ride! Christina   More >