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The Magic of the Music Tapes!

We were lucky enough to see the Music Tapes' Traveling Imaginary in action this week, and we don't want to give away any of the exciting surprises you can expect to find waiting for you within the walls of the new circus tent.

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2012 Year-End Lists: Roddy Bottum, Imperial Teen

My last year's top ten tweets i felt went overlooked:

@roddybottum: what is up with straight couples, their children and the word 'buddy?'

@roddybottum: I just met a poodle named Cabernet.

@roddybottum: I used to know a big standard poodle in LA in the 80's named Showbiz.

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2012 Year-End Lists: Devin DiMattia, Merge Digital Intern

Devin DiMattia's Top 10 Music Videos of 2012
Ten more nuggets of awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. An eclectic mix of heartfelt narrative, absurdist comedy, psychedelic animation, throwback '80s sci-fi, cardboard hip-hop, and Jon Hamm with a mustache! 

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