Caribou remix contest winner Altrice presents "Stem"

Caribou remix contest winner Altrice presents

Last April, Caribou challenged their fans to a remix contest. They shared the parts of "Sun" from their latest release Swim and waited to see what would happen. The winner was an enthusiastic artist named Altrice who gradually remixed the whole album and called his project Stem.

"For me Altrice's entry stood out quite a distance from all the others. His version of the track was focused and distinctive - dramatically different from the original and the other remixes we received," Caribou's Dan Snaith said. "Altrice's music is beautifully simple - focusing on only a handful of elements but ingeniously reinventing them to make each song very much his own. It's this confidence that makes Stem so coherent - it doesn't sound like an album of remixes but an album in it's own right. The best possible outcome of the remix contest was to discover someone unknown to me whose music moved me. That certainly happened. And then some."

Listen to Altrice's Stem on SoundCloud, and if you like it, support Altrice by visiting City Slang to purchase the download. You can also download it in the Merge store until March 21. Caribou's Swim is available on CD, dbl-LP, and digital download in the Merge store.