Clambakes Vol. 3: When We Were 10 - Live at the Cat's Cradle 1999


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CLAM003 | Release Date August 23, 2004

The new installment of Superchunk's self-released Clambakes series - recorded on July 23, 1999 at the M10K Merge Records 10th Anniversary party. Mac says: "We remember it as not only mohawk-wiltingly hot and sweaty, but also as one of our rockingest shows ever, if we may be so immodest. "Hits" abound but so do some songs we've hardly played since. Sure, there are enough clams to justify the "Clambakes" moniker, but there's also plenty of Jim Wilbur banter in between songs to make you forget about a few bum notes here and there, and overall it's a nice document of a great night -- you can almost smell our wilting corsages"

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