Crooked Fingers releases acoustic version of Breaks in the Armor

Crooked Fingers releases acoustic version of Breaks in the Armor

Today, Crooked Fingers has released acoustic versions of each song from their new album Breaks in the Armor

Previously available only as a bonus download for pre-orders in the Merge store, these songs are now available for purchase at iTunes and in the Merge store. Also, both the album and the acoustic demos are streaming now at Spotify!

Eric wrote the following about the acoustic versions:

Recording a stripped-down version of a song reveals its flaws. It also lets you hear the space you have to work with before you crowd it with ideas that can muddle the point. I don't like to add drums or arrange songs with Crooked Fingers until I feel like the writing itself has reached a point. That's why I record demos as stripped-down versions.

These Breaks in the Armor demos were recorded with Andy Baker in Athens, GA. There were earlier versions that I had recorded in Taiwan and Athens, but they were on a hard drive that was "misplaced" at the Sasquatch Festival of 2011. In some ways these versions are an unnecessary re-do. But in other ways they represent so much more. They are a living symbol; a metaphor for strength; and perhaps even an allegory to the Great Sasquatch herself:

So listen to these demos... And just as the Yeti-Mother's Spirit drapes her protective arms around her fragile cub, there will echo a howling: a tender asylum to the wild and a blood-curdling scream to the urbane. I can hear the sound now. And if you listen closely you can hear it, too. And perhaps this sound that we can hear together is the sound of the Big Foot and her demon cub smashing the shit out of my lost hard drive against some rock in the Columbia River Gorge.

Crooked Fingers' Breaks in the Armor is available on CD, LP and digital download in the Merge store. The acoustic demo version of Breaks in the Armor is available via digital download in the Merge store and at iTunes. Stream both now at Spotify.

Keep up with Crooked Fingers tour dates via their Merge tour page , and with the band at twitter and Facebook.

Listen to "Bad Blood (acoustic)":