The Decline of Country & Western Civilization Part II: The Woodwind Years


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MRG274 | Release Date April 11, 2006

Challenging the notion of what "Nashville" and "country" mean, the ever changing cast of Lambchop has turned out brilliant album after brilliant album over the last dozen years. This release is a collection of A-sides, B-sides, compilation tracks, and unreleased songs in a chronological compendium of a golden age in their career. Spanning 1994 to 1999, "Decline" centers around the weather worn and haunting voice of Kurt Wagner, the one constant in a band that numbers as many as twenty and as few as four, depending on the time or place.

Track/Song Title Duration Price MP3 Track
Play My Cliche 04:51 $0.99 Buy
Play Loretta Lung 03:19 $0.99 Buy
Play Two Kittens Don't Make a Puppy 02:04 $0.99 Buy
Play It's Impossible 05:37 $0.99 Buy
Play Ovary Eyes 03:10 $0.99 Buy
Play I Can Hardly Spell My Name 03:40 $0.99 Buy
Play The Scary Caroler 03:06 $0.99 Buy
Play Your Life as a Sequel 04:21 $0.99 Buy
Play Smuckers 02:02 $0.99 Buy
Play Alumni Lawn 02:48 $0.99 Buy
Play Burly and Johnson 03:28 $0.99 Buy
Play Mr. Crabby 03:42 $0.99 Buy
Play Playboy, the Shit 05:33 $0.99 Buy
Play Gloria Leonard 04:44 $0.99 Buy
Play The Old Fat Robin (alternate version) 05:18 $0.99 Buy
Play The Distance From Her to There 04:05 $0.99 Buy
Play The Book I Haven't Read 04:43 $0.99 Buy
Play Gettysburg Address 05:59 $0.99 Buy

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