Hospitality are a Brooklyn-based avant pop outfit featuring songwriter and vocalist Amber Papini, Nathan Michel (who, at the time of joining the band, had several solo albums out on labels like Tigerbeat 6 and Tomlab), and Brian Betancourt.

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Hospitality debuts video for "I Miss Your Bones" via NPR Music

According to NPR Music, Hospitality's "I Miss Your Bones" is, "easily one of the catchiest songs of the year". We concur. Today, the song's tutorial-happy braid-heavy music video was debuted; watch it, share it, love it now!

Director Lara Gallagher on the video:
When I first heard the song, I was struck by how specific it was—missing someone's BONES. Not their hair or their smell or how much fun they are to be around, but their bones. Beyond my initial brainstorms involving dancing old ladies and milk, I thought about my favorite age group (girls in junior high) and just how weird and specific obsession at this age can be. It also got me thinking about how intangible and digital things have become, and how you can miss someone even if you technically can see them all the time. In this scenario, I think missing someone's bones—the things that make them real and standing before you as opposed to on the internet or in your email—makes total sense.

"I Miss Your Bones" can be found on Hospitality's masterful sophomore release Trouble, available on LP, CD, and digital in the Merge store. Mojo Magazine says Trouble is, "Sweet at its core, but pleasantly dark at the edges." Give it a spin on Spotify or Rdio to find out for yourself!

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Hospitality announce July & August dates, appearances at Osheaga and Merge 25 Festival

Hospitality is literally all over the map: the Brooklyn trio is currently touring Europe for the first time, which included a performance with Cloud Nothings in Stockholm last night and concludes with a performance at Primavera in Barcelona. North American shows were announced today, including stops at Merge 25 in North Carolina, Osheaga Festival of Music and Arts in Montreal, and dates with fellow Merge family members Ex Hex amongst others.

Trouble is the band's second album, available now in the Merge store, at iTunesAmazonSpotifyRdio, and your local independent record store. Bust Magazine says Trouble is, "a record that effortlessly strikes that jittery balance between escapism, existentialism, and mountains of emptiness". 

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