Ideas for Bright Ideas


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TIC001 | Release Date August 12, 2005

These are the demos for the album that became Bright Ideas. Many concepts came and went: a double album, two albums (one electric, one acoustic), a series of prog-country remix ep's, etc. and it ended up as one straight-up studio rock record. The Demos weren't recorded with the thought that they'd be released, but here they are for a different (mostly acoustic) view of these songs.


-Mac McCaughan

Track listing:

1. Bright Ideas
2. Through with People
3. White Wave
4. I Wanna Know Girls
5. Little Fern
6. Trajectory
7. Truckstop Cassettes
8. The Soft Rewind
9. Registered Ghost
10. Soft Fruit
11. Portaits from Before the War
12. Center of the World
13. Full of Stars

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