Live at XX Merge (Reissue)


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MRG375R | Release Date September 9, 2014

Five years ago, those of us lucky enough to be at Cat’s Cradle when Lambchop took the stage witnessed the performance that became Live at XX Merge, a concert film and album.
To help celebrate Merge’s 20th anniversary, the band showed up in one of its largest lineups ever—11 strong, including multiple guitars, keyboards, piano, and a horn section. While Lambchop performing live is always a powerful proposition, on this night they started quietly with “I Will Drive Slowly” from their first album (I Hope You’re Sitting Down) and accelerated from there, each song seemingly faster and more intensely played than the last, building to a furious finale of “Up With People” and an epic “Give It.” By the end of Lambchop’s set, everyone in the packed Cat’s Cradle—band and audience both—was levitating a few inches off the ground…
Track/Song Title Artist Duration Price MP3 Track
Jon Wurster: Introduction Lambchop 00:51
I Will Drive Slowly Lambchop 05:37
The New Cobweb Summer Lambchop 06:32
Grumpus Lambchop 04:14
Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr. Lambchop 04:01
What Else Could It Be? Lambchop 03:15
Tony Crow: Joke Lambchop 01:48
National Talk Like a Pirate Day Lambchop 05:03
Hey, Where's Your Girl? Lambchop 02:12
Your Fucking Sunny Day Lambchop 03:23
Up With People Lambchop 03:57
Give It (Once In A Lifetime) Lambchop 06:33

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