Lambchop "Live at XX Merge" at Pitchfork TV for one week only!


Visit Pitchfork TV to watch the Lambchop concert film, Live at XX Merge in its entirety for one week only! 

The film and audio from this incredible event are available exclusively in the Merge store.

To help celebrate Merge’s 20th Anniversary Lambchop showed up in one of their largest lineups in recent memory — 11-strong, including multiple guitars, keyboards, piano, and a horn section. Lambchop performing live is always a powerful proposition, but on this night they started quietly with “I Will Drive Slowly” from their first album (I Hope You’re Sitting Down) and accelerated from there, each song seemingly faster and more intensely played than the last, building to a furious finale of “Up With People” and an epic “Give It.” By the end of their set, everyone in the packed Cats Cradle – band and audience both – was levitating a few inches off the ground…