Man-Made (Reissue)

Teenage Fanclub

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MRG262R | Release Date August 5, 2014

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On August 5, Merge will reissue Teenage Fanclub’s Man-Made and Shadows, two critically acclaimed albums never before available on LP in the US. These reissues continue our year-long 25th anniversary series of re-releasing classic albums from our back catalog each month throughout 2014.

Teenage Fanclub released Man-Made, their Merge debut, in 2005. Recorded with John McEntire in Chicago, Man-Made is described by the band as “a medium-risk experiment—to cut ourselves off from what we knew, to be in a different type of city, on a different continent, to work with John, a different type of musician, an engineer with a particular sound, and to interact with whatever equipment he had at Soma: his drums, his amplifiers, his keyboards. The plan was to be somewhere truly new and deal with it, see how it worked out. We had never made a record this way before, and the prevailing circumstances at the time, the fact that we really had nothing to lose, made doing something slightly differently seem quite appealing.”

Shadows followed five years later. The band reveals how the recording process differed from the previous album: “Compared with Man-Made, this is a softer isolation, surrounded by fields and emptiness, and the live room at the studio, a converted barn, is filled with our equipment all mic’d up and ready to go. This set-up is how we approached the three records leading up to Man-Made, and we feel it suits us: a residential country location, close enough to drive but with sufficient distance from home to concentrate our minds on the job at hand.”

Both albums illustrate what SPIN magazine wrote of Teenage Fanclub: “Proof that youth is a state of mind you need never outgrow.”

Man-Made and Shadows will be released on 180-gram vinyl, and each LP will include a download of the album plus two bonus tracks. Teenage Fanclub will return to the US in July for the first time since 2010 to play the Merge 25 Festival and the River Rocks Festival in New York.

Man-Made bonus tracks:
"Please Stay"
"Falling Leaf"

Preorders will ship to arrive on or around the release date of August 5.

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