"Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" b/w "Sunset Arcade"


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MRG479 | Release Date July 23, 2013

For the second year in a row, Superchunk has a 7-inch for the summer. This time it’s the first single off the band’s 2013 LP, I Hate Music. “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo” is a concise new wave anthem about the power of music and bonding over favorite records. The non-album B-side, “Sunset Arcade,” is a perfect companion track set at the beach back in your adolescence somewhere.

Both songs recorded and mixed by Beau Sorenson; "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" is an alternate version than the one that appears on the upcoming album.

The single comes with a download of both tracks and nicely complements Record Store Day’s “Void” b/w “Faith” 7-inch.

This is not the same 7-inch that is packaged with the deluxe LP of <i>I Hate Music</i>; that one contains different tracks and is exclusive to the album.

<font color="yellow">Limited-edition pressing of 1,500 copies on translucent blue vinyl.</font color>

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