Merge 25K Training Report: April Henry, Merge fan

Merge 25K Training Report: April Henry, Merge fan

Merge staffers and friends from all over are taking part in the Merge 25K race on March 22 and will be sharing their training stories. Register here & visit our race page for all of the details of our course and finish line party!

If you would like to share your training story with us, please email

From April:
Training for the Merge 25K is nearly over. I completed a grueling 12 miles with a little help from friends Elizabeth and Molly on Saturday March 8th. Would you believe me if I told you that I gave birth to my second child nearly 12 weeks ago? Yes, I am out of my mind. Just last week I ran a total of 23 miles under severe sleep-deprivation. I am determined to see this race through to the end.

On November 15, 2013, five weeks and two days before the due date of my second child, I signed up for the Merge 25K, despite the fact that I was no longer comfortable running. I knew I would be determined to get back into shape, and what could be better than a long run sponsored by Merge records. While Merge would be celebrating 25 years, I would be reminiscing my undergraduate days (nearly 20 years ago) at Indiana University, where I developed a strong love for independent music; more specifically anything on Merge, Sub Pop, or Touch and Go. I can still recall the numerous trips I took with friends to either Chicago or Louisville to see bands such as Superchunk, Polvo, Tortoise, Shellac, Folk Implosion, Sebadoh, etc. I still listen to these bands today while running and on occasion I have tried to instigate dance parties with my two-year-old, but it is hard to shake your booty to math or indy rock. 

Having already birthed a child, I assumed my second child would arrive early providing me with plenty of time to prepare for my longest run ever. As each day passed by, I grew concerned that I would not have enough time to prepare. Naturally, my son Archer came the day before his due date (December 22) exactly three months before the race. At my two week check up the midwives told me I could resume running in 2-4 weeks. I smiled as their recommendation went in one ear and out the other and I began running/walking on my treadmill that very same day. I spent the next three weeks walking/running. Then on Saturday January 24th, I joined two friends on a run; managing five miles without any walking. This is when my true training for the 25K began. I have never hurt so much after a run as I did after those five miles. My thoughts at that time were “how in the hell am I going to finish this race?” Now, I know I can do it. Sure, it will not be at a record pace, but I will run the entire race.

As you might imagine it is difficult finding the time to run with two boys under the age of three, but I am managing. Unfortunately, I have to spend three days a week running on my treadmill, while my older son Felix is at preschool and his younger brother Archer sits in his swing next to the treadmill. I am able to get through my 3 to 4 mile runs by rocking out to a variety of music. Some days it is Beirut, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, The Decemberist, The Shins, etc. and on other days it is music from my past such as Fugazi, Folk Implosion, Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr., The Cure, etc. One great thing about the treadmill is that I can sing very loudly, especially since Archer still thinks my voice is beautiful. Anyways, I am plugging along and looking forward to seeing all of you on race day.

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