Merge 25K Training Report: Camelia Brennan, Merge Mailorder & College Radio

Merge 25K Training Report: Camelia Brennan, Merge Mailorder & College Radio

Merge staffers and friends from all over are taking part in the Merge 25K race on March 22 and will be sharing their training stories. Register here & visit our race page for a custom training plan from our friends at Bull City Running Co. and yoga from Sage Rountree.

If you would like to share your training story with us, please email

From Cami:
I'm a little over 10 weeks into training, and I haven't fallen down once! There have been a lot of close calls. Sometimes I've hoped I might fall down and lay there forever, but for the most part, my training has been a success! The weather was great yesterday, and I ran 12.5 miles. I set out to do 14 miles… so I'm a little bummed I had to cut it short, but overall I’m pretty confident I'll be good to go on race day. I plan to do mostly shorter runs between 4-6 miles until the race. 

Up until October of last year, 5 miles was the furthest I had ever run. Almost everyone I told about the race felt it necessary to remind me that 15.5 miles was over three times as far as the furthest I'd ever run, and then would stare at me with a deeply concerned look on their face. So, I will be extremely proud to complete the Merge 25k!

I've been adding miles to my runs since November, but got more hardcore about my training in the beginning of January. A few weeks ago I started adding more hills to my courses, which was easy to do in Durham. I tend to run faster and have better form when other people are around, because I want them to think I’ve got it together, especially when I anticipate falling down at any moment. So I’ve been making loops that go through downtown Durham to make sure I stay on top of my game. 

My running playlists have been almost entirely made up of Beyoncé, but of course, I managed to sprinkle in some dope Merge jams. Hospitality's "I Miss Your Bones", The Love Language's "On Our Heels", Eleanor Friedberger's "My Mistakes", and anything by Spoon have also helped to keep me motivated during these runs.

I’m really excited about the race, and the finish line festivities! My twin sister is running it with me, and my best friend is flying in from California. It’s going to be so awesome.

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