Merge welcomes Spider Bags

Merge welcomes Spider Bags

We are pleased to announce that Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags has joined the Merge roster!

Spider Bags frontman Dan McGee writes: “On a bright clear day sometime in the near or distant future, Quetzalcoatl will come to Earth. Upon arrival, he will scorch a tract of barren land and draw a line in the ash with his terrible talon. On one side of the line he will place Merge; on the other, everything else. Those on the Merge side will then take hold of the mighty winged serpent’s scales and fly with him to live among the stars. They will know all the color and magic of existence, happy and free forever. Those on the other side? Well… we’re glad we’re with Merge.”

McGee formed Spider Bags in 2006, and the band now includes Rock Forbes on drums and Steve Oliva on bass. We look forward to releasing Spider Bags’ first full-length record for Merge later this summer, but in the meantime, listen to a couple of tracks from 2012’s incredible Shake My Head at Odessa Records. Keep up with the band at their newly-launched websiteFacebook page.

Spider Bags live:
June 18 - Sarah P. Duke Gardens - Music in the Gardens / Merge 25