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Details emerge about new album from the Mountain Goats!

Follow @mountain_goats on twitter as more information emerges about the forthcoming Merge debut from the Mountain Goats! Pitchfork has pieced together a few details, but there are more to come! The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle will perform a live score to a special screening of Mauritz Stiller’s 1919 silent film classic Sir Arne’s Treasure on Tuesday, December 14 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco as part of the San Francisco Film Society's ongoing project to present classic silent films with live scores performed by extraordinary contemporary musicians.   More >

The Mountain Goats play Music for Fences benefit in Durham

On Saturday, August 28th, the Mountain Goats will join The Countdown Quartet & Birds and Arrows to play Music for Fences, a show at Durham Central Park in downtown Durham, NC.The show will benefit the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, a non-profit, volunteer effort committed to improving the welfare of chained dogs in the Triangle area by building fences and promoting community awareness of animal welfare. Tickets are $12 in advance via the Music for Fences website and $15 at the door.   More >