Lambchop News

Lambchop @ SXSW

We're working on posting more pictures and stories from the SXSW festivities, but here is a taste of one of our favorite SXSW moments!   More >

Lambchop Photo Contest Results

Congrats to Nathan from Scottsdale, AZ for his entry in the Lambchop "Damaged" Photo Contest - he wins a loaded Lambchop iPod! We were all excited to receive his photo! That is one seriously damaged boat..   More >

Lambchop Lovin'

Lambchop is on tour, and as Martin pointed out in his blog post, it's just not to be missed! I gathered up some of the great press and radio happening around this tour.   More >

"Damaged" Reviews

Lots of great reviews coming out about the Lambchop record that was released yesterday! Don't forget to enter the Damaged photo contest, too! And about the tour dates! Cokemachineglow Tiny Mix Tapes Drowned in Sound Music OMH Play Louder Faster Louder Metacritic Sunday Observer/Music Monthly Entertainment Wise The Guardian The Onion AV Club eMusic All Music Guide There's also a great interview/feature in last week's Nashville Scene.   More >