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Welcome. I’m pleased to announce a series of performance dates based on Merge’s digital releases of three of my earlier records, “Bloomed”, “The Hill” and “Impasse”. “Bloomed” was originally (erroneously?) released on an unnamable German label in 1994.  I was living in San Francisco at the time, having just moved out of a residential hotel and into the 1906 hilltop prefab that adorns the cover.  At the time, I was heading a band called “The Doubters”.  We were playing high profile events such as The Covered Wagon Saloon’s Musical Barstools, but weren’t making much headway.  We had been turned down consistently every year by SXSW, but I was somehow finagled in as an unannounced guest onto an already unofficial SXSW showcase created by Butch Hancock at his gallery in downtown Austin.  There, I met up with Lloyd Maines, who agreed to produce my first record.   More >

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To all of you (you know who you are): There's a web site,, with a 'be-back-later' note.  Since there's nothing going on right now, it sits as a future dig, waiting for a body.  In the meantime, the iron chefs at Merge have been kind enough to set me up with a kitchen island to use as a rant-site until my cookies are baked.  We'll begin in grand O.C.D.   More >

RICHARD BUCKNER TOUR DIARY ("Incoherencies") - Entry #6

9/19 – Boston, MA Got up early to get my broken window replaced in Albany before leaving for Boston and an incoming storm. And Boston...Take a map, rip it up, throw it into the air: where it lands is the street layout of a town that overturns cars whether or not their team wins or loses.   More >

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Casey Burns did this poster for the Buckner/Bachmann show at Local 506 on Friday night.   More >