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Scots In Sweden

The lovely Camera Obscuras have been posting daily recording updates from Stockholm on their blog, with plenty of typed thought regarding the new album, Dr.   More >

2007 Top 10 Lists: Tracyanne & Carey of Camera Obscura

We kick off our 2007 Year-end lists with Tracyanne Campbell and Carey Lander of Camera Obscura! **** Tracyanne's Top 10: As usual the majority of the music I've bought hasn't been contemporary. Here's a list of the best of contemporary I have managed to buy and enjoy in no particular order: 1.John Rauhouse - Steal Guitar Heart Attack My boyfriend got me into this.   More >

Camera Obscura on Fair Game!

Camera Obscura will be featured on tonight's edition of Fair Game! The show will air at 8pm in New York on WNYC and across the country at different times.   More >

"I dare someone to come up and call me twee!"

Highlights from Camera Obscura in NYC! Hilarity ensued on WNYC's Soundcheck when the interviewer brought up a certain dirty word! Lee Waters on drums @ South Street Seaport (Photo from Jalopeno by way of Brooklyn Vegan) Video of Teenager from South Street Seaport!   More >

Free Camera Obscura!

Camera Obscura are in the US! They will be in New York City for the next two days spreading free love .   More >

Camera Obscura Live In Mexico City

Live footage of "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" from Polyforum Siqueiros in Mexico City on Feb 10th, 2007. Check out that stage! -martin   More >

MERGE - Best Of 2006 - The Lists (entry 6)

TRACYANNE CAMPBELL (Camera Obscura) The Sleepy Jackson - Personality Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanther The Elected - Sun, Sun, Sun Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies Le Perro Del Mar - look It's El Perro Del Mar M Ward - Post-War Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Cat Power - The Greatest The Tiny - Starring;Someone Like You The Concretes - In Colour CAREY LANDER (Camera Obscura) The Innocence Mission - Birds of My Neighbourhood M.   More >


Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill" will be featured on tonight's episode of the hit ABC series Grey's Anatomy (Thursday - 10/12/06 - at 9PM EST)! Set your DVR/VCR/Tivo STAT! The first two minutes of Grey's Anatomy , arguably the most attractively populated hour in television, will be scored by the dulcet tones of Camera Obscura's "If Looks Could Kill" (from their wonderful Merge CD Let's Get Out Of This Country).   More >


There's a great Camera Obscura feature up on Pitchfork today. Tracyanne Campbell chats with Brian Howe about touring in the U.S.   More >