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Here are a couple of great reviews of the Volcano Suns reissues just released on January 27th.  Available for the first time on CD, get your copy of All-Night Lotus Party and The Bright Orange Years at the Merge store. Boston’s Volcano Suns, led by Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott, were a product of the diversity blossoming in and around hardcore punk in the early 80s.   More >

2008 Year End Lists: Volcano Suns

Book of the Year: "The Gingerbread Boy" by Paul Galdone...a precocious gingerbread boy escapes a fox and various other antagonists in this powerful tale that mirrors not only the realites of living in a gingerbread universe, but life itself... Album of the Year: "Masters of Realty" by Mussels in Butter... Film of the Year: "No Mayo, A.U.B."...a stunning documentary delving into the dark, fat laden world of the Belgian frite mafia...not for the squemish! Event of the Year: Beyonce changing her nomenclature to "Sasha Fierce"...   More >