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Ride the White Whale wave

Atrios is on board. Now, you may say "blogging about other blogs blogging about you is lame", but Atrios is one of our favorites (and sometimes vaguely reminds me of my game theory professor at UNC), so a feedback loop it is. -wilson   More >

The Prom!

This weekend is the 9th Annual Team Clermont Pabst Blue Ribbon Ball in Athens, GA aka Merge Radio Dept's fave event of the year! This year is even more special, because White Whale will be bringing the party to Athens on Friday night at the 40 Watt! The "prom theme" is country western, and we promise to post photos of our fantastic square dancing dresses! Click HERE for further info, and please come if you are within driving distance!   More >

Thank you, Kansas!

Tomorrow is White Whale Day! Finally, you will be able to go to your local record store and celebrate this most important of new holidays! The State of Kansas has recognized the members of White Whale on their achievement, and we made an ECARD in honor of this momentous occasion. What will you do to celebrate? Listen to WWI, and let us know how you took the whale for a ride! Christina   More >