Merge 25: Duke Performances Concert Series Announced!

Merge Records continues its 25th anniversary celebration this summer by teaming up with Duke Performances for their popular Music in the Gardens series. Taking place throughout the months of June and July, the series invites local bands and musicians in the national spotlight to play at various venues on the Duke University campus. This year, they have extended that reach to include artists on neighboring Durham-based label Merge Records.

Among the Merge artists slated to appear at Duke’s Baldwin Auditorium are Lambchopperforming their iconic album Nixon front to backin addition to William Tyler, Mount Moriah, Stephin Merritt, and Mark Eitzel. The historic venue has recently reopened after a two-year renovation and will serve as the perfect backdrop for these special shows.

For family-friendly outdoor concerts, join Merge artists King Khan & the Shrines, the newly signed Spider Bags, The Rosebuds, Richard Buckner, and Portastatic for the Music in the Gardens series. These shows will take place in the beautiful Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Lawn chairs, blankets, and picnics are encouraged for these performances, and food and beverages will also be available for purchase.

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2010 Year End Lists: Ivan Howard, The Rosebuds

Ivan Rosebuds' Top 10 songs of 2010 10) "Lost in the World" - Kanye West This is the song where Kanye samples the Bon Iver song "Woods" and turned it into the single on his new My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy record.   More >

The Rosebuds on Daytrotter!

Words by Sean Moeller: The Rosebuds have a brilliant way of taking us out into the tobacco fields, feeling the drying of the leaves and the crumbly, dusty as a drought would have them be gravel roads and then get us to hear things, to think that some sneaky evil forces were at work and moving in on us, way out here in the middle of nowhere.   More >

2009 Year End List: Ivan Rosebuds

Some of Ivan Rosebuds top musical moments of the year 2009: 1.) When we played the Middle East Club in Boston this year I introduced our bass player Brad Cook (from Megafaun and Gayngs) to the crowd and they actually clapped for about five minutes straight without stopping.  They realized what they were all doing half way into it and just kept getting louder and louder and louder till the place basically erupted and we had to almost stop the show early 2.) Playing "Leaves Do Fall" every night with just Kelly Crisp on an accordion and me on an acoustic guitar throughout Europe this fall. 3.) Winning the Merge XX Festival 3 on 3 basketball tournament with Roy Bourne,  the man who wrote Nightshade, and Grayson Currin from Brome. 4.)Kelly coming up with a percussion part using car keys in the recording of "Second Bird of Paradise" at Flying Tiger Studio in our home town of Raleigh NC.  Then The Rosebuds playing that song live with the NC Youth Ballet  dancing onstage behind us. 5.) Walking into my hotel room over looking the river after our show in Ghanzhou China and seeing the city lit up like an episode of the 1983 not so hit TV series AUTOMAN. 6.)) Getting to sing on some of my favorite bands recordings: Singing on the Megafaun record in my basement Singing on the Bowerbirds record in my basement Singing on the new Gayngs record in Eau Claire 7.)The day I finally listened to what Kelly said, and realized that the Fever Ray record is brilliant and my favorite record of the year. 8.) Watching and Listening to 800 Germans sing along to "Nice Fox" in Berlin Germany 9.)The Mark Eitzel performance at Merge XX this year was amazing and beautiful.  It hit me just right and I was hiding my tears the whole time. 10.) Practicing for one hour before the show and playing the bass with Michael and Matthew in Telekinesis at Merge XX and actually pulling it off. 11.) Writing and recording the Christmas song "I Hear (Click Click Click)" for the Holly Raleigh Kidsmas Benefit Record this year. 12.) Hearing the words, "I want your body on me" come in when Brad was tracking the bass on the Gayngs Record in the studio. 13.) Getting a copy of the the Screen Vinyl Image Lp in the mail from my friend Jake in DC. 14.)  Driving back from the Wilmington NC alone and listening to the third Phoenix album in my car and hearing the song "North" come on and remembering how much I love that song. 15.) Performing our show at the small Woodwinds repair shop Marsh Woodwinds in Raleigh NC. 16.) Our Duke Gardens show with Rob Lackey, Wes Phillips and the horn section from Lost in the Tress. The Rosebuds will play two shows with Megafaun at The Pour House in Raleigh on January 8th and 9th.   More >

New Rosebuds song! "Brad Cook is Not Your Man"

Recorded for the Hear Here compilation, The Rosebuds new song, "Brad Cook is Not Your Man," tells the story of Megafaun's Brad Cook and a little misunderstanding with the law. Read the story and listen to the song at New Raleigh.   More >

The Rosebuds vs. Hood Internet

Hood Internet did a mashup/remix of The Rosebuds' "Get Up Get Out." The Rosebuds will perform at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC on August 29th with Superchunk to raise money for the Cy Rawls Benevolence Fund.   More >

2007 Top 10 Lists: Ivan Howard

Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds chimes in with his personal Top 10 List Of Musical Events of 2007: Here is my Top 10 List Of Musical Events for me in 2007.   More >

The Rosebuds in Orlando!

The Rosebuds are on tour! Check out their blog, too! (CONTINUED: Click permalink below for more photos! The RosebudsThe NationalThanks to recent Carrboro ex-pat, Soleil Konkel, for the photos! We miss you!   More >

"Night of the Furies" on Glenn Close TV show!

The Rosebuds tune "Night of the Furies" will be featured on tomorrow night's episode of Damages on the FX Network! The show airs at 10pm Eastern.From the Damages website:DAMAGES is a legal thriller set in the world of New York City high-stakes litigation.   More >