The Extra Lens News

The Extra Lens talk to Under the Radar spoke with John Darnielle & Franklin Bruno aka The Extra Lens via conference call a while back, and you can read the interview now. NPR Music also declared "Only Existing Footage" their "Song of the Day" last week. Undercard is available on CD, LP and digital download in the Merge store.   More >

Franklin Bruno of The Extra Lens when he's not being an Extra Lens

We asked one half of The Extra Lens - Franklin Bruno -  for an update on what was happening with him other than their upcoming Merge debut Undercard, and he was happy to oblige! So, here is "what one of the Extra Lens does when he's not being an Extra Lens:" My main band, the Human Hearts, has a 7" ("Art Books") out soon, and a track on an upcoming benefit compilation for City Harvest.  Both are on Fayettenam Records, which released my compilation of 4-track/Shrimper-era solo recordings last year, and just put out Peter Hughes's "Fangio" albums. I'm playing as the pianist/musical director (backed by viola and trombone) for my partner Bree Benton's solo performance piece, "Poor Baby Bree in I Am Going to Run Away," at the venerable experimental theater venue La MaMa E.T.C., Oct.   More >