Big Dipper News

Big Dipper on RockBand 2!

Big Dipper has been added to RockBand 2! "All Going Out Together", "She's Fetching", and "Younger Bums," are available to download on the RockBand website to play on your home video game system. All three songs and more Big Dipper awesomeness are available on Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology in the Merge store. Video from YouTube showing "She's Fetching" in RockBand 2 action below! Download the MP3 and unleash your air guitar!   More >

NYCTaper posts Big Dipper Audio!

image from nyctaper via flickr The NYCTaper recorded and posted the entire Big Dipper show at Southpaw last weekend! It's 100% free (though he nicely asks you support the bands, and we agree) and available in mp3 and, if you ask nicely, FLAC.   More >

Big Dipper on the Late Risers' Club!

WMBR's Late Risers' Club had special guest Gary Waleik on the show this morning! You can listen to an archive HERE! Big Dipper reunites later this week! Don't miss it! 04.24.2008 * Hoboken NJ @ Maxwell's 04.25.2008 * Brooklyn NY @ Southpaw 04.26.2008 * Cambridge MA @ Middle East Downstairs   More >

Big Dipper Week!

Image from Things I'd Rather Be Doing is kicking off Big Dipper week today! Monday brings the bulk of the interviews with the band -- Gary Waleik, Bill Goffrier, Jeff Oliphant and Steve Michener -- while the days that follow will find me (and the band) looking at each of the band's four LPs (for the sake of scheduling, Boo-Boo will be included with Heavens, just as it was on my worn Homestead Records twofer CD) and the new material on Supercluster will be considered the band's fourth LP). Why not head over to the Merge store so you can have your own Big Dipper week? And don't forget about their upcoming tour dates!   More >

2007 Top 10 Lists: Gary, Steve and Jeffrey from Big Dipper!

We'll be releasing a 3-disc Big Dipper retrospective in March and the band will be re-forming for some shows in April! Check out an mp3 of She's Fetching! Gary Waleik's Top 10(s): Top Ten LP's I've rediscovered now that I've reconnected my turntable: 1) Here Come the Warm Jets - Brian Eno 2) A Different Kind of Tension - Buzzcocks 3) Ringo - Ringo Starr 4) Volume, Contrast, Brilliance - The Monochrome Set 5) Aphrodesia - Jackie Gleason 6) Chairs Missing - Wire 7) June 1, 1974 - Kevin Ayers 8) A Nice Pair - Pink Floyd 9) Lolita Nation - Game Theory 10) You Broke My Heart in Seventeen Places - Tracy Ullman Top Ten Wax Cylinders I've Rediscovered Now That I've Repaired the Victrola: 1) Man Will Never Walk on the Moon - Grumpy Gus and His Nattering Naysayers 2) Prohibition is Next to Godliness - The Idle Rich Christian Women's Abstinence League Choir 3) The Depression is Good for People Like You and Me - Bootstrap Bob and the Blue Collar Self-Haters 4) I Foresee a Time Fifty Years Hence When a Band Called Guided By Voices Emerges from Dayton, Ohio - Honolulu Slim 5) Lye Soap Blues - The Yonkers Boys Choir 6) Gee, Ain't Mississippi Swell? - The Hudson Bay Chorus 7) Young, Loud and Snotty - Dead Boys 8) A Tribute to Lightnin' Hopkins - Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra 9) The Hanukkah Variations - Richard Wagner 10) You're A Grand Old Flag - Theodore Roosevelt and the Fifty Ninth United States Congress Glee Club Steve Michener's Top 10 Music Business deaths in 2007: 1)Lee Hazlewood....What can you say? He discovered Duane Eddy and gave Nancy Sinatra a career.   More >

Big Dipper Return!

From Nearly 16 years after the band’s breakup, Merge is announcing a reissue of what they are calling Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology due March 18.   More >