RICHARD BUCKNER TOUR DIARY ("Incoherencies") - Entry #4

9/6 – Wednesday - Chico, CA Chico CA swirled around us with no help from the ground.

9/6 – Wednesday - Chico, CA

Chico CA swirled around us with no help from the ground. Afterwards, lilies from my past appeared, rising like beer bottles outta the snow after an unexpected winter melt.

9/7 – Thursday - Eugene, OR

Woke up to C-Span coverage of Congress addressing the most important issue on American minds: a ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption. Minimum wage debate, war crimes, the joke of the 4th amendment... its all so yesterday. Yelled at the TV, then got in the truck.

Said it before; lets say it again: Eugene, OR --- never again.

Hackysack-brained hippies --- about 10 of them came to see the show; somewhere in the woods, conservatives, and in the streets, urchins in torn black hoodies, acting homeless, but probably going home at night to their once-hippie-but-now-LL Bean-parents.

Last time I played at Wow Hall (the alleged venue), the sound-dude was on acid and ruined any chance of a show before the crowd turned on me, and, I, in turn, turned on them. What a waste of a beautiful place.

Oh, yeah...and we didn’t get paid, either. The hobby continues.

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9/8 – Friday - Portland, OR

Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. Willy from Richmond Fontaine gave me a copy of his beautiful new book. He’s the only person that I trust from Reno, NV.

9/9 – Saturday - Seattle, WA

Sparse much playing around town tonight...Devo, The Zombies, Silver Jews...

Got some supermarket sushi from an angry Japanese man working at a kiosk in the fruit section. I guess I’d be mad, too. All I wanted was a little more wasabe...

9/10 – Sunday – Vancouver, BC

Got up early to play a live set at KEXP not far from the Space Needle Travelodge. There was a Trekkie convention at the needle, but I saw no Klingons. Drove to Bellingham, just below the border, to leave our merch at a Motel 6. Taking it into Canada is impossible. After a merciful and pleasant immigration officer, we made our way to Richard’s on Richards in Vancouver, BC. Didn’t get any guitars ripped off for a change --- only a few skeevy junkies tried to bother us, but I was in no mood, and made them aware of this as plainly and firmly as I could. Funny and talented sound staff made the show easy. Broke a string, made some noise, then drove back to Bellingham, WA after the show.

9/11 – Monday - Travel Day

4 hours of sleep, then off towards Minneapolis. The truck turned over 450,000 miles. Ended up in Deer Lodge, MT. Super scummy town filled w/ close-eyed cranky (literally) honkies. There’s an old frontier prison here that I that checked out a few years ago with gallows and everything --- oh, yeah, and a car museum of sorts.

We got here late, so we had to stay at the lowest of them all: Super8 --- always overpriced and soul sucking. The desk clerk was not happy that I needed a room. I think I’d interrupted her trying to eat her 20th potato of the day. Or, she might’ve just been distracted, thinking about what a bad tattoo she had on her cleavage. No real restaurants were open, so I had to have my second McDonald’s salad of the day. We walked across the road from the hotel to the McD’s. Outside, there was a skinny, shirtless skinhead standing on the hood of his car. Inside, behind the register, was a boy/man hocking up something from deep within as we ordered our meals (?). America the beautiful.

How many cracker-assed birth canal towns can there be? America the bottomless.