Star Machine

Official music video for "Star Machine" by Bob Mould from the album Silver Age.

Written & Directed by Jon Glaser
Produced & Edited by Rob Hatch-Miller & Puloma Basu
Starring: Bob Mould, Jon Wurster, Jason Narducy, Trixie Madell & Gavin Escott
Director Of Photography: Paul Yee
Production Designer: Alex Brook Lynn
Hair & Makeup: Jess Coppa
Assistant Camera: Randy Foreman
Gaffer: Stratton Bailey
Grips: Jack McDonald, James Ferri
Colorist: Ben Murray
Sound Mix: Dan Dzula
Production Assistant: Kelly Crisp

Thanks: Cake Shop, Andy Bodor, Dawn & Josh Madell, Adam & Liza Escott, Matt Conboy, Jennifer Sonnenfeld

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