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Bundle Includes:
Copper Blue / Beaster Deluxe Edition
File Under: Easy Listening Deluxe Edition

Purchase the new deluxe edition reissues of Sugar classics Copper Blue / Beaster, and File Under: Easy Listening together on CD or LP! 

Mac McCaughan of Superchunk & Merge wrote of the reissues:
When word went around that Bob Mould had a new band, not only a "band" band (as opposed to hired band to play his solo albums on tour) but also a trio, of course anyone raised from teenhood on punk rock and Hüsker Dü in particular (like myself) went into high expectation mode. Copper Blue turned out to be a distillation of Bob's pop mode and roaring guitar mode into one tightly wound explosion of sound. There was space enough for the songs to breathe, but a driving urgency & energy in the rhythm section of Barbe & Travis that gives the whole album a barely-harnessed feel. Sonically, on songs like "The Act We Act" (Copper Blue), "JC Auto" (Beaster) & "Gee Angel" (F.U.E.L.) Sugar took Hüsker Dü's aesthetic widescreen, the center held steady by Bob's focused songwriting. It's kind of incredible what Sugar did within such a small discography; there's no wasted space and the flow of great songs is a surprising, exciting listen 20 years later.

The Copper Blue / Beaster 3-CD / 2-LP sets and the File Under: Easy Listening 2-CD / single LP sets are also available individually.