The Clean release new MP3 from "Mister Pop"

The Clean release new MP3 from

The Clean released a free MP3 download of "Tensile" from their new album, Mister Pop, which will be available in stores September 8.  Download "Tensile" now and pre-order Mister Pop in the Merge store for a chance to win a free SCORE! box set!

"Tensile," a track that sounds perfect for a windows-down autumn highway drive with its rolling bassline, chugging, distorted chords and, occasionally, gentle robot voices and squiggly synths."~Pitchfork

"Tensile” is keyboard crescents darting around three and four-note guitar and bass figures, all green-lighted by their particular sort of Krautpop beat—the one where the robotic severity is replaced by ultra-human grooviness." ~RCRD LBL

Also, visit the Merge blog to watch classic music videos from The Clean including Heavenly Pop, a documentary about legendary New Zealand label, Flying Nun. Robert, Hamish & David make an appearance as well as Chris Knox and other New Zealand music luminaries.