The Hound Chronicles / Hot Garden Stomp

The Mountain Goats

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SHR163 | Release Date June 26, 2012

Shrimper Records recently reissued two Mountain Goats cassette releases (The Hound Chronicles, and Hot Garden Stomp) on to two CDs.

“The songs you find on this compact disc set originally appeared on two cassettes. To elaborate further about that—to say, for example, that the songs originally appeared ‘on two cassettes that were released in ____ and ____’—would misrepresent the spirit of their time. These tapes did not have release dates. No one anticipated their coming into the world, and very few noticed or cared. All previous eras cross at some point into the territory of the unimaginable, and so it is with the days of tape-trading. The obscurity in which these songs were incubated and born and brought into their faint light is a state of being which has passed into history.” — Excerpt from John Darnielle’s liner notes

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