The Music Tapes premieres "S’Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)" video at MTV Hive

The Music Tapes premieres

The Music Tapes released their new album Mary's Voice on Tuesday and today MTV Hive premiered the video for "S'Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)." Directed by Albert Birney, the video captures the true magic of the Music Tapes with imagery of band members both human and machine. 

Julian told MTV Hive:

Some of the objects and images that may seem vintage are actually just things or objects that are a part of the Music Tapes world: the sailor playing the white sousaphone is Robby from the Music Tapes and the Sousaphone is one of the horns he plays. The tower with the wooden arms coming out of it is our Organ Playing Tower. The wonderful footage of the swaying Elephant was actually filmed by Robby in person (at a preserve). A lot of these things actually have come over time from family (my grandmother’s basement especially) — and junk stores too.

Watch the video for "S'Alive to Be Known (May We Starve)" now at MTV Hive

Stream Mary's Voice in its entirety via SoundCloud, and find it on CD, digital, and limited-edition LP with pop-up artwork in record stores everywhere and in the Merge store. Also, visit the Music Tapes’ Kickstarter page to find out how you can help bring the Traveling Imaginary to life.