Twerps sign to Merge and release Underlay EP

Twerps sign to Merge and release Underlay EP

We are delighted to welcome Australia's Twerps to Merge. In celebration of this occasion, we are releasing Underlay, an all-new digital EP of Twerps songs written, recorded and designed by the band earlier this summer.

Listen & share the Underlay digital EP via Soundcloud now for the next week, and get excited about Twerps' new full-length album coming in early 2015. Get Underlay at iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Google Play, or in the Merge store now.

Upon signing to Merge, Marty from Twerps said, "'Great minds think alike' that is straight up why we have decided to release records with Merge. Along with having a bad ass catalogue they also are musicians, and know how musicians think. They are lovely, talented and awesome. Thanks Merge. We love ya xx"

Cheeky, charming and touchingly direct, Melbourne foursome Twerps are international pop champions. Formed in late 2008, Twerps were called "the best new band in Australia" by Uncut on the basis of their debut self-titled EP and toured the US in support of their 2011 full-length Twerps including heralded appearances at CMJ and SXSW.

Twerps are:
Marty Frawley — guitar/vocals
Julia McFarlane — guitar/vocals
Alex Macfarlane — drums
Rick Milovanovic — bass

Keep up with the band at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Lots more from Twerps coming soon!