Volcano Suns

Volcano Suns were founded in Boston in 1983 by former Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott. In 1985, the band, with Jon Williams on guitar and Jeff Weigand on bass, released their debut album, The Bright Orange Years, and followed it up a year later with another classic, All-Night Lotus Party. Both albums were originally released on Homestead Records.

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Volcano Suns reviews

Here are a couple of great reviews of the Volcano Suns reissues just released on January 27th.  Available for the first time on CD, get your copy of All-Night Lotus Party and The Bright Orange Years at the Merge store. Boston’s Volcano Suns, led by Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott, were a product of the diversity blossoming in and around hardcore punk in the early 80s.   More >

2008 Year End Lists: Volcano Suns

Book of the Year: "The Gingerbread Boy" by Paul Galdone...a precocious gingerbread boy escapes a fox and various other antagonists in this powerful tale that mirrors not only the realites of living in a gingerbread universe, but life itself... Album of the Year: "Masters of Realty" by Mussels in Butter... Film of the Year: "No Mayo, A.U.B."...a stunning documentary delving into the dark, fat laden world of the Belgian frite mafia...not for the squemish! Event of the Year: Beyonce changing her nomenclature to "Sasha Fierce"...   More >
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