Watch Polvo’s new video for “Light, Raking” now at FILTER

Watch Polvo’s new video for “Light, Raking” now at FILTER

Polvo premiered their new video for “Light, Raking” from Siberia via FILTER Magazine.

FILTER writes of the video, “Created and directed by Jason Sievers, the video takes the band’s infectious post-rock sound–dense with knots of sonic layers of guitar riffs and fuzz–and unravels it in the form of a metaphorical ball of yarn. It rolls around creating intricate designs and bursts into strands of color with each build of the song. The video for “Light, Raking” presents the track in a new–playful and adventurous–light.”

Watch Polvo’s video for “Light, Raking” now

During their initial run from 1990–1998, Polvo crafted a sound so fantastically obstinate and so perfectly cockeyed that its DNA is essentially resistant to mediocrity or repetition. On Siberia, that sound feels more limber and more aerodynamic than ever. In their review of Siberia, Rolling Stone declared, “This is what getting the band together should be about,” while Pitchfork wrote, “The real triumph of Polvo’s second phase is how they’ve managed to become a more approachable band without losing their sense of adventure.”

Siberia is available now on CD and LP in the Merge store and from your local record store. Also, find Siberia at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Rdio.