Welcome Times New Viking!

Welcome Times New Viking!

Times New Viking will release their new album Dancer Equired on April 26 via their new home in the US, Merge Records. Dancer Equired is a return to the hive, even if the record’s creation was out of their usual boundaries.

It should be known that for the first time the trio escaped to a studio. Between Columbus Discount Recordings and the famed Mus-i-col (closest thing to Muscle Shoals we got) during the Summer of Violence. With the help of Adam Smith and Dustin White, Times New Viking produced and recorded and album that sounds like a mellow night out. Though it abandons the pissy histrionics of the past, it remains loud and brash, with mammoth guitars still piled on, only magnifying the bright beautiful traits of the band has nurtured since the beginning.

It would be easy to describe the album as a new chapter, but in knowing the forward-thinking, never-settled energies of Times New Viking, this is an entirely new book. Rip it up and start again.

Times New Viking also premiered the video for album track 'No Room To Live' on Pitchfork. Directed and edited by Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston, with production from the band, the vibrant footage saw around 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere contribute by printing each frame from real video then hand drawing, colouring or decorating (nearly 3,000 of them) and putting back together.

Watch the video for "No Room to Live" now.

The band are confirmed for a number of appearances at this year's SXSW including the Merge label showcase (full schedule for TNV vs SXSW will be announced shortly)

Times New Viking are Adam Elliott, Beth Murphy, and Jared Phillips.

You can find them on the web at their website and on twitter.