White Whale

White Whale is Matt Suggs (Butterglory), Rob Pope (The Get Up Kids, Spoon), John Anderson, Zach Holland, and Dustin Kinsey (Thee Higher Burning Fire). Merge released WWI, the band’s first album, on July 25, 2006, prompting state representatives Barbara Ballard and Ann Mah to have the day declared “White Whale Day” in Kansas.



XMU's Live from the Knitting Factory

XM Radio recorded our CMJ showcase at the Knitting Factory last October, and are re-airing some of the sessions! If you have XM, listen in to XMU on channel 43 every Friday night at 10pm EST, with encores Saturday at 2pm EST and Sunday at 6am EST. Merge sessions: 08.31.07 – Portastatic 09.21.07 – White Whale 10.12.07 – The Broken West CMJ looms again - we'll have announcements very soon about our plans!   More >


Hey Kids, Did you know that Vice Magazine now had its own TV network on the web? Sure you did.   More >

Ride the White Whale wave

Atrios is on board. Now, you may say "blogging about other blogs blogging about you is lame", but Atrios is one of our favorites (and sometimes vaguely reminds me of my game theory professor at UNC), so a feedback loop it is. -wilson   More >
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