Win a test pressing of William Tyler's Impossible Truth

Win a test pressing of William Tyler's Impossible Truth

No, not from Merge. All the test pressings are being given away at our friendly neighborhood record store partners all over the country.

If your record store isn't listed here, we're very sorry but we can't afford to make 1,000 test pressings just so you can win. Count yourself lucky; you're already winning by living in a community with a record store in it!

In any case, William Tyler's new album, Impossible Truth, is out on Tuesday, March 19. You can find it wherever fine music is sold, but if you're trying to get yourself an ultra-limited (only 10 made!) test pressing copy you can find one at each of the following record stores. You'll have to ask them for specific details.

Crooked Beat Records - Washington D.C. - web / facebook
Other Music - New York City - web / facebook
Grimey's New and Preloved Music - Nashville, TN - web / facebook
- Win the test pressing on Tuesday 3/19 when William performs here live in the store at 6 p.m.
Harvest Records - Asheville, NC - web / facebook
aQuarius recOrds - San Francisco, SF - web / facebook
Jackpot Records - Portland, OR - web / facebook
Strictly Discs - Madison, WI - web / facebook
End of an Ear - Austin, TX  - web / facebook (They've already given it away during William Tyler's most excellent performance in the shop last Thursday during SXSW)