Wye Oak releases new 7-inch of AV Club covers & discusses "Holy Holy"

Wye Oak releases new 7-inch of AV Club covers & discusses

Wye Oak visited the tiny round room at the AV Club headquarters in Chicago twice to participate in their “Undercover” series. Each Undercover series starts with AV Club writers choosing 25 songs and inviting 25 bands they like to come to their offices in Chicago to perform.

We were not content to have these two great covers exist only on the AV Club website, and so on November 22, Merge will release “Strangers” b/w “Mother” as a limited-edition 7-inch and digital download!

In the spring of 2010, Wye Oak first visited the round room to cover The Kinks’ “Strangers.” They were joined by Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater, and the resulting performance was one of the finalists in the AV Club’s poll for “Best of the Series.” Jenn and Andy were invited back in the spring of 2011 and this time, they chose to go a darker route. Complete with a sleeveless black hoodie and a “Wolfs Blood” tattoo, Jenn offered a spooky take on former Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig’s vocal stylings in their cover of “Mother,” complete with Callers’ Don “Donzig” Godwin on tenor horn.

Jenn says, “We had a blast participating in the AV Club’s Undercover series and were pleasantly surprised that so many people enjoyed our take on these two songs. We’re happy to have these versions released for those who were interested in owning them for themselves. Thanks to Merge and the AV Club for making it all happen.”

The AV Club visited Jenn in Baltimore to visit her favorite local haunts and discuss "Holy Holy" from Civilian as part of their new "One Track Mind" series. Watch Jenn's episode now at the AV Club.

Pre-order the limited-edition 7-inch “Strangers” b/w “Mother” now in the Merge store. Wye Oak’s whole catalog, including their latest album Civilian and the newly released vinyl reissue of The Knot, are also available in the Merge store.